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Elastic Day

Let's chat app for monday.com

App for texting to chat with you team members

The SMS Items app allows you to create new items from sms text messages in your monday.com boards like monday.com has Email to board we provided a new missing feature SMS to board, when you send SMS to the board phone number, the sms body becomes a new item in the board! The first step is to retrieve your board's unique phone number from the board description.


App features for lets chat

Free to Start

Just install App and board view then start to texting your team.

Messages & Comments

Send and receive messages and comments on theads in realtime.

Team members status

You can khow what is the status for each one of team and who is typing.

More Settings

For paid plans to customize rooms on your account.

How to Use

How to install

  • 1- Search about "Let's Chat" in App Market Place or click on this button

  • 2- Agree on Auth permissions

  • 3- Go to any board in your account

  • 4- Open the Views Center & Search about "Let's Chat"

App & Feature Images

Realtime rich messages

Send & receive messages in realtime from/to team members

Online team members

Show who is online of your Teammates

Threads & Comments

Open thread on any message in chat and start discuss

Mention someone

You can mention anyone of your team in the board, if he is not online we will notify him

Rich Emoji

You will be able to find a lot of emoji types.

Add Items

Type # then 2 character at least to show list of board items

Show the mentioned items

Click on item name in message to show details.




  • Access To The Latest Week Messages
  • Up To 2 Online Teammates In Overall Account
  • Threads & Comments
  • Notifications & Mentions
  • Free updates
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  • Full Access To The Message History
  • Up To 5 Online Teammates In Each Board
  • Threads & Comments
  • Free updates
  • Show Online Members & Who Is Typing
  • Allowing Only Board Admins To Send Messages
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  • Full Access To The Message History
  • Unlimited Online Teammates
  • Threads & Comments
  • Free updates
  • Show Online Members & Who Is Typing
  • Allowing Only Board Admins To Send Messages
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Frequently Asked Questions

The OAuth scopes we are requesting are required for write the updates and create items in your boards. We do not store any of your boards or users data outside of monday.com

__updates:write__ – Allow us to create new update in items when we will receive new sms.

__Updates:write__ – Allow us to create new items in the board when we will receive new sms in realtime.

__Notifications:write__ – Allow us to send notification to the users contains the linked phone number with the board, after he installed the integration.

None of your account and board data is being stored outside of monday.com. We do not transfer or store it anywhere else.

The app is always free to chat with your team. Once you decide to use it with more features and members you’ll need to purchase a monthly subscription.

A Pro subscription cost is $29 for 5 online users per board in your monday.com account.

A Business+ subscription cost is $59 and no limitation on it.

Sure. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question using this email (support@elasticday.com)